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Carbon pricing initiatives today encompass approximately 22% of global GHG emissions according to the World Bank, and are rapidly growing worldwide. The practice of pricing carbon and other environmental externalities is however not new. Government run programs and voluntary corporate initiatives have existed for decades and continue to evolve. Since the advent of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, the role of carbon pricing has steadily grown and matured, in recognition of the cost-effective and rapid reductions in GHGs available. 

As an increasing number of stakeholders adopt carbon pricing and market-based solutions, so has the need for independent and impartial guidance. Drawing on 13+ years experience gained across the value-chain I support organisations to navigate and engage with carbon markets, manage risk and contribute to positive climate mitigation and development outcomes.

I do so by offering a range of tailored services encompassing advisory, research and analysis through solution-building,  some examples of which are described below. If you are interested to learn more about how I can help support your goals then you can reach me here.

  • Bespoke training and advisory for organisations engaging in voluntary offsetting
  • Research, analysis and interpretation of industry trends and practices
  • Regulatory and policy analysis of carbon pricing initiatives, (i.e. CORSIA, Article 6 of Paris Agreement)
  • Understanding your environmental impacts and dependancies
  • Sourcing carbon offset activities, partners and models to meet your goals
  • Bespoke technical diligence,  impact evaluation, commercial and legal structuring 
  • Assess carbon offset feasibility and potential to access environmental finance

Featured Work

Lifting off: Analysis of potential carbon offset supply for CORSIA Phase I (2021-2023)

Client: The Nature Conservancy

What the Paris Agreement means for Carbon Pricing and Natural Climate Solutions: A Business Guide

Client: The Nature Conservancy

Carbon Offset & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation

Client: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – US Government


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I work with a select group of trusted industry experts and organisations and am always open to opportunities to collaborate. Contact me today to discuss partnership opportunities.

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